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In urban areas, rising land costs are pushing developers to look for innovative stormwater management products that optimize land usage while complying with local environmental regulations.

Our Chambers System functions like conventional stormwater ponds. It works in conjunction with existing storm sewer infrastructure to provide underground retention/ detention and infiltration of rainwater into the ground.

How does it work?

Water is collected in a catch basin or other collective device and is treated by a CULTEC Separator™ Row. The water is then directed into the Contactor® or Recharger® chambers and distributed via the side portal internal manifold and crushed stone embedment. Depending on the system application, the water either infiltrates into the ground, or it is detained and released.

Typical CULTEC stormwater systems are designed by using the largest chamber that meets the site’s depth constraint and system requirements. By choosing the largest available chamber that meets the system's parameters, the number of chambers and the land area required are minimized.


The result: maximized storage volume at the given workable elevations.

Chambers NextStorm

Key Features

  • Overlapping rib connection

  • Unique in-line internal manifold

  • High infiltrative capability

  • Lightweight

  • Variety of sizes

  • Chemically resistant



  • Retention Systems

  • Detention Systems

  • Infiltration Systems

  • Reclamation

  • Dry wells

  • Conveyance

  • Manage residential roof drain run-off

  • Contain swimming pool or water conditioner backwash


CULTEC Recharger 330XLHD Chambers 300 units / truckload

444 m³ vs 31 m³

per truckload

It would take 14 trucks to get the same storage volume in pipe

Easy stockpiling & maneuverability

Our lightweight chambers stack on skids for easy loading, unloading, stockpiling, and can be hand carried.


Unique internal manifold

HVLV internal manifold system provides efficient distribution of flow throughout the system without the additional excavation, stone, time, and cost of an external system. 

Quick Glance

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Working from Home

Personalized Design Assistance


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