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The simple and most cost-effective underground solution to retain and/or infiltrate stormwater.

Reduced excavation volume


Reduced footprint and excavation volume

Save up to 35% on your excavation and labor costs.


Modular installation adapted to any grounds

• Many possible configurations

• Customizable

• Variable geometry and odd-shaped grounds

EZ-Storm System
EZStorm Underground Stormwater

Superior structural capacity

Multiple applications possible under heavy or light roadways.

up to 20T

per axle

in numbers

Zero Real Estate Loss
Optimal for development of valuable commercial or urban projects.

Bus Lane


EZStorm parking lot


EZStorm playground


EZStorm bike path


EZStorm park


EZStorm Géotextil

How does it work?

EZStorm+ modules accommodate over 96% of their actual volume in water, 40% more than gravel storage solutions. A variety of applications can be achieved using EZStorm+, including detention, retention, reuse, and infiltration of water. 

EZStorm+ chambers receive water via a main line that can be connected directly without the need for any additional accessories. Once inside, water release can be easily controlled, reducing the impact of peak flows on municipal infrastructure and water environments. 

EZStorm assembly

A quick and easy 
installation that requires less labor.

Simple handling on site. One shovel can move up to 34 blocks.

EZStorm+ Full box assembly with arrows 0bg_edited.png



EZStorm has a unique open design which provides an unobstructed view of the entire interior of the system, making it possible to inspect and clean the system in four dimensions over two axes. 

InspectionEZSTorm+ 0background.png


The EZStorm tanks can be cleaned and flushed using a high-pressure sewer cleaning device.


The entire cleaning process can be performed from the ground surface and does not require any intervention inside the basin.

EZStorm case study


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with the EZStorm System 

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