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Conflow and Epsilon Pivot


What is CONFLOW?

The CONFLOW is a superior vortex regulator that provides precise and reliable flow control without external power or moving parts requirements.


Available for a wide range of flow rates CONFLOW regulators can be use in catch basins, manhole or drainage structures where they are installed on the outlet pipe or on a diversion wall.

A self-activating device that reduces the risk of clogging by debris carried by storm water

  • Larger flow openings compared to traditional flow restrictors

  • No moving parts or external power requirements

  • Hydraulically tested and validated

  • Easy to install and maintenance-free

  • Resistant and durable construction


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The EPSILON PIVOT check valve controls the return of water to hydraulic networks. Thanks to its unique balanced design and adjusted by counterweight, the Epsilon valve guarantees an excellent seal while ensuring easy passage of water and a minimal pressure drop.

Therefore, it allows both the retention of high return pressures and the flow of low upstream flow rates.

No maintenance required following installation

  • Compatible with circular and rectangular manholes

  • Easy installation due to its one-piece preassembled design

  • Stainless steel construction that resists corrosion and is long lasting

  • High-quality elastomeric rubber for better sealing and leakage control

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